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Movieline 2002
Vanity Fair April 2002
Vanity Fair
Total Film Jan 2002
Total Film
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On this page you will find information on films Ms. Murphy has worked on, is working on and may well be working on. You will find a large collection of images, as well as a short biography section.
Her TV appearances are here as well as what is on TV this week.
We have a listing of what awards she has been nominated for and won, as well as what theater work she has done.
We have a listing of the printed magazines she has been in, as well as other media in which she appears (tv appearances, online interviews, etc).
There are also backgrounds/icons for your desktop which can be attained here.
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If you know of anything we have left out, or something you would like to see on this page which isn't, please feel free to send us an email, or if you are looking for snail mail contact information check here.
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